Solo this year

I'm three-peating this year and walking in Michigan.

Be sure to click on the walk summaries to read about Chicago & San Fran.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm halfway there!!!

Congratulations! You have reached a huge milestone in your Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure™ journey: reaching half of the $2,300 fundraising minimum. You are so close to experiencing the event of a lifetime. You can do it! Your fundraising efforts are invaluable. The dollars raised by dedicated women and men like you are making immense developments in the breast cancer movement. Did you know that virtually every major advance in the fight against breast cancer has been touched by Susan G. Komen for the Cure®? That we've helped train more than 400 breast cancer researchers and funded more than 1,800 research projects over the past 27 years? That we've provided more money for breast cancer research and community health programs than any entity besides the U.S. government? Komen for the Cure's goal is to "energize science to find the cures.” We are proud of our contribution to some real victories: More early detection - nearly 75 percent of women over 40 years old now receive regular mammograms, the single most effective tool for detecting breast cancer early (in 1982, less than 30 percent received a clinical exam). More hope - the five-year survival rate for breast cancer, when caught early before it spreads beyond the breast, is now 98 percent (compared to 74 percent in 1982). More research - the federal government now devotes more than $900 million each year to breast cancer research, treatment and prevention (compared to $30 million in 1982). More survivors - America’s 2.5 million breast cancers survivors, the largest group of cancer survivors in the U.S., are a living testament to the power of society and science to save lives. Thank you for your help in eradicating breast cancer. We couldn’t do it without you and applaud your efforts this far. We know you can meet your goal so we can reach our goal of a world without breast cancer. Keep up the great work!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Walking In The Rain

I visited my very wonderful friends, Mike and Debbie in Seattle this past Memorial Day Weekend (Hey Guys!!) and while there, Debbie and I walked around Green Lake twice. (Once around is 2.8 miles.) And since we were in Seattle, of course it rained on the walk. I am conflicted about walking in the rain during training. One, I don't want to get sick and possibly derail further training and two, wet feet and socks are not good for keeping blisters away. I may have to find an indoor track that I can use (for free) but not the mall since I don't want the temptation (possibly not free). Lucky for me it typically does not rain much in Spokane (she says while typing this during a typhoon). Ideas??