Solo this year

I'm three-peating this year and walking in Michigan.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Walk Safely Please

My knees are healing nicely. Aren't they pretty? My right knee (left in this pic) is the one that is the sorest, I didn't even realize I had bruises on the left until I put on shorts yesterday. LOL
Safety is a big thing for the 3 Day. On official training walks, it is just like the actual walk. No talking on cellphones, no earbuds and no dogs.
On my own personal walks, I do walk with my dog. Morgan is a Rat Terrier and loves to go for walks with me.

As you can see, she needs the walking. LOL She gets quite pudgy during the winter, this is a pic from Christmas.

After miles and miles of walking together... She crashed me last Sunday. Something (a snake?) startled her and she shot across/into me, wrapped the leash around my legs and I went down. Hard. My left arm was tweaked, twisted and sprained by the leash and you can see the damage to my knees.

So here comes my safety reminder... Always carry your cellphone. I had to limp home the last mile because I had forgot mine.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3Day Clinic and 10 mile training walk

This past Saturday was my local 3 Day Super Clinic at New Balance. Afterwards Vanessa from the Coconut Strutters lead us on a 10 mile walk. I wore my new shoes for those 10 miles and I love them.
These shoes are made for my PF, it has a stablecore thingie to help support my foot. Because I had to buy specials shoes, I wasn't able to buy the official Susan G Komen pink shoes. I did buy pink laces for these though. *grin*

Monday, May 3, 2010


Sunday was Bloomsday here in Spokane. That is a annual 12K road race.
This year it started pretty windy and chilly but once you got moving it was ok. Below are some of the sights I witnessed on the course.
Can you see all the people on the hill?
A picture of the Spokane River that you cross before the hill.
This is what awaits you at the top of Doomsday Hill . . . .
. . . it's the vulture!!!!
And of course the day could not be complete without the finisher T-shirt!!!!