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I'm three-peating this year and walking in Michigan.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fundraising Idea #2 for 2011

This idea came from the 3 Day message boards and I've researched and found the steps to do this.
What do you think about selling an ebook of my favorite WW Recipes? (or cookie recipes, Michelle!)
I can even use my digital scrapbook software to make the ebook with pictures!


  1. GREAT idea!! Love it!! I'll buy one ;)

  2. I like it! I would love to contribute and buy one!

  3. Actually, I like Vanessa's comment about contributing. You could get a bunch of people giving you recipes. Either survivors or relatives of survivors. You could probably put an ad in the local newspaper.

  4. My girls are so dear to me Love Ya Wendy and Darcy xxoo