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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Pack for the 3 Day.

Hey sis! I hear you tend to over pack? LOL Gearbag- use a big duffel bag on wheels, or something similiar. (wheels are heaven after walking 20 miles)
  • Gallon Ziploc bag with toilietries, shampoo, soap, medication, toothbrush, toothpaste, deordorant.
  • Shoes, pair two if you have them and slip on comfy shoes for around camp.
  • Gallon Ziploc bag with PJs, sweats, whatever you will wear at night.
  • Friday clothes packed in gallon ziploc bag.
  • Saturday clothes packed in gallon ziploc bag, pack an extra pair of socks in a snack bag to put in fannypack.
  • Sunday clothes packed in gallon ziploc bag, pack an extra pair of socks in a snack bag to put in fannypack.
  • Sleeping bag in compression bag.
  • Small pillow
  • ear plugs, in case our tent is near the potties
  • one clear shower curtain to use as tarp

That is is, there is no electrical so no need for hair driers, curling irons... that stuff. Hopefully you signed up for towel service, so no need to pack towels.

Fannypack-really this is a restock of any inventory used while training.

  • blister block/body glide
  • blister bandaids, regular bandaids
  • aspirin/ibuprofen/aleve
  • rain poncho? -not a must as they hand them out at stops if it starts raining.
  • crystal light hydration.... only if you are like me and can't drink Gatorade.
  • lip balm
  • cash/debit card- in case you see something you have to have while walking
  • Friday's change of socks.
  • water bottle

That's about it, unless you found you had to have something while training. No need to pack food or snacks. There will be soooo much food on route. They don't call it the 3 Day Buffet for nothing.

I'm not sure it's as important out in sunny (LOL) California to have everything packed in ziploc bags, but I found it was nice to be organized that way. If it does end up raining, you will be so glad everything is in plastic.

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  1. Sometimes, but I am getting better. It helps that we know what we are doing for three days and do not have to change clothes depending on where we are going. I will need to bring a micro-fiber towel for my hair.